Faith in Action Award Scheme

Faith in Action

Faith In Action Award rewards active service in schools and parishes and encourages young people to shine the light of faith upon their service experiences. Faith In Action is  being facilitated by Lee Fabia and Lucy Oliver.


Young adults 15+ come together every month after the 11am Mass to talk about activties that they will be involved with.  


Why have a Catholic Award Scheme?


Work started on this award a couple of years ago: around the time Pope Francis issued his ‘Joy of the Gospel’ document. The award encourages the young people in our parish to do just this: to take the Joy of the Gospel into the wider world and as Pope Francis asked of young people gathered at World Youth Day 2013 ‘to make some noise’.


What is going to be happening?

There are four different levels of award: Pin, Bronze, Silver and Gold. For this reason it has been described as a ‘Catholic Duke of Edinburgh’ – although there are some obvious differences that mean this is very much a stand-alone award grounded in Catholic theology.


The award allows the Church to celebrate, recognize and reward all that active young people of faith already give to the Church; but it also challenges those young people to deepen their relationship with God and change the world in which they live.


Young people at Our Lady’s will meet together each month for social, fun and reflection time. During the month they will have engaged in some volunteering either individually or as a group. At each session there will be a time of prayer than connect their activity with their faith. Some of the young people will be going to Lourdes on pilgrimage and the Faith in Action group will help them fundraise.