How to subscribe to OLA calendars

To add the parish calendar for Mass Times to your own calendar:

If you are using Google Calendar... 

...on a mobile device

1. Click here (opens a new web tab);

2. On the bottom right of the new tab screen click the plus icon.This will open your Google calendar app;

3. You will be asked if you want to add "OLA Mass Times" calendar. Tap "Add".

...on a Desktop Computer

1. Click here (opens a new web tab);

2. Click "Add" in the popup box.


If you are using Apple Calendar...

...on an iPhone

1. Copy this link:

2. Open your Calendar app and tap "Calendars" at the bottom of the screen;

3. Tap "Add Calendar" then tap "Add Subcription Calendar";

4. In the box under "Subscription URL" paste the copied link from step 1;

5. Tap the red "Subscribe" box.

...on a Mac Desktop Computer

1. Copy this link:

2. Open your Calendar app and click "File" on the top left, then click "New Calendar Subscription"

3. In the text box paste the link you copied in step 1;

4. Click "Subscribe" and then click "Ok".


If you are using Outlook...

...through a Web Browser

1. Copy this link:

2. Sign in to your Outlook account and open your Calendar;

3. On the left-hand side click "Add Calendar" and then choose "Subscribe from Web";

4. In the text box, paste the link you copied in step 1;

5. Name the calendar OLA Mass Times and click "Import".

...through the Outlook App 

1. Copy this link:

2. Open Microsoft Outlook;

3. Click the "File" tab, and select "Account Settings" from the dropdown;

4. Click the "Internet Calendars" tab;

5. Click "New" and select "New Internet Calendar";

6. Paste the address you copied from step 1, and click "Add";

7. Name the calendar OLA Mass Times and click "OK".

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