The parish began after the World War II when many areas of the city were devastated with the bombing and many families were moved to new areas of the city where new homes were being built. A large pre-fabricated estate of some 1,200 dwellings was established in Gateacre and Childwall Valley.

In 1947 Richard Downey, Archbishop of Liverpool appointed Fr. Martin Burke to establish a new parish to satisfy the spiritual needs of the large Catholic community that began to take shape.

As there was no church for Catholics in the area, it was the vicar of St Stephen’s Church of England Church, Mr Royden who gave permission for Mass to be said in the Church of England school in Gateacre Village. The first Mass took place there on 4th May 1947. A new pre-fabricated Church of Our Lady of the Assumption was blessed and opened by Archbishop Downey on May 29th 1949, on Childwall Valley Road.

The 1960’s saw the continued growth of the parish with new houses being built in the Lee Park Estate and Childwall Valley Estate, replacing for the most part the pre-fabricated homes.  Also private homes were a being built in the Gateacre Park Drive estate.

The small pre-fabricated church was by then too small for the needs of the large community.  In 1963 Fr Henry McCaffie who would see the church’s opening had asked a parishioner to put the Sunday collection on a horse called Curry; when it promptly won the proceeds of £3000 paid for the land on which the church, parish club and presbytery would all sit. Later, the new church was opened by Archbishop Beck on 29th March seating 750 people and at a cost of £200,000. With the continued growth of the area, the Parish was divided into three and two new parishes were created.  St. Cyril of Jerusalem in 1968 on the Naylorsfield Estate and St. Gregory’s in 1970 on the Netherley Estate.

Our Lady’s, St Cyril’s and St Gregory’s parishes were closed in 2005 to form a new parish of St John Almond. In 2008 a further reorganisation took place and a new parish of Our Lady of the Assumption was founded, today the new parish incorporates Netherley, Childwall, Gateacre and Belle Vale with seven thousand houses and a population of fifteen thousand people.